Bluetooth Smart Fit Band

Bluetooth Smart Fit Band

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Get the incredible Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Fit Band and take control of your fitness!

The Smart Fit Band is fully adjustable. It has 10 different sizes, suitable for children and adults of all ages.

This amazing technology tracks your heart rate, calories burned, cycling distance, sleep monitor and more!

Smart Fit Band Functions

Compatible with Android 4.4 and above.

Compatible with iOS 7.1 and above.

Doctors recommend 12,000 steps per day to remain in perfect physical health and now you can track every step you take during the day with the built in pedometer.

Smart Fit Band Step Algorithm

Continuous automatic heart rate monitoring! The Smart Fit Band will monitor your heart rate and record all of the data. This is a great way to keep your heart health in check.

Smart Fit Band Heart Rate Monitor

It's also recommended that adults sleep for 8 hours each day which is easily tracked with the sleep monitoring system included with the Smart Fit Band.

Smart Fit Band Sleep Monitor

The Smart Fit Band will track your cycling route and pace! Here's how it looks on the app.

GPS Route Tracking and Pace Monitor

See exactly how many calories burned during your activities with the calories burned algorithm that you will love.

More cool features include: Call reminder, alarm reminder and photographs!

Smart Fit Band Call Vibration

And yes, the Smart Fit Band it totally waterproof!

Smart Fit Band Waterproof

Why pay $150 for a FitBit when the Smart Fit Band has the exact same features at a fraction of the cost.

Some technologies are a fad, the Smart Fit Band is life changing! You will wonder how you ever lived without this technology.

Convenient Bluetooth 4.0 connection to easily integrate the Smart Fit Band with your phone or computer. Easily collect all of your data with this seamless integration.

Charge your Smart Fit Band with the adapter included with your package. Charging time takes approximately 1 hour and a full charge will last for days!

The Smart Fit Band supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.